Stories from the Big House


Our story starts long before the Hegeler Carus Mansion was built.

1856-Edward Hegeler and Frederick Matthiessen arrive in America and form the Matthiessen & Hegeler Zinc Works.

1874-Construction begins on the Mansion.  Two years later, the family moves in.

1880-Matthiessen & Hegeler Zinc Company becomes the world's largest zinc producer for the next thirty years.

1886-1887-Edward Hegeler starts Open Court Publishing Company and invites Dr. Paul Carus, a German scholar to become the managing editor.

1888-Dr. Paul Carus marries Mary, Edward and Camilla Hegeler's oldest daughter.

1893-Edward Hegeler and Dr. Paul Carus attend the World's Parliament of Religions. 

1894-Dr. Paul Carus writes The Gospel of Buddha According to Old Records.

1897-D.T. Suzuki comes to La Salle to translate Eastern religious works for Open Court.

1915- Edward Hegeler Carus, Paul and Mary's son, establishes Carus Chemical Company, the world's largest producer of potassium permanganate.

1919-Paul Carus dies leaving Mary to administer both Open Court and the M & H Zinc Co.

1936-Mary Hegeler Carus Dies.