Stories from the Big House

20 October 2011

Night Tours at the Mansion

Moonlight at the Mansion
(by Ted Anderson)

Are YOU afraid of the DARK?

This October you can see the Hegeler Carus Mansion in a different light!

Candles light your way into
the Mansion.
 Join us for “Moonlight” tours of the Mansion! 

Candles light the
main hall.
  If you’ve seen the grandeur of the Mansion during the day, just wait until it gets dark! 

Candles and Moonlight
 Amid diffused lighting and soft shadows, our tour guides will take guests back in time to tell the story of the Hegeler Carus family and their extraordinary home.

Admission is $10. 
Tours are limited to 15 people.
Call 815-224-5892 to secure your reservation.

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