Stories from the Big House

The Family

The Hegeler Family-First Generation
Edward C. Hegeler
born 13 September 1835-Bremen, Germany
died 4 June 1910 La Salle, IL

married 5 April 1860 in Freiberg, Germany

Camilla Weisbach Hegeler
 Born 12 March 1835-Germany
 died 28 May 1908-La Salle, IL

Marie Henriette Hermine Hegeler Carus (Mary)

Helene Emma Hegeler

Camilla Hegeler

Meta Rosalie Hegeler

Julius Weisbach Hegeler

Gisela Lina Hegeler

Herman Hegeler

Annie Hegeler

Lina Zuleikha Hegeler

Catharina Olga Hegeler

The Carus Family-Second Generation

Mary Hegeler Carus
and Paul Carus

Marie Henriette Hermine Hegeler Carus (Mary)  1861-1936


Paul Carus 1852-1919

in the Hegeler Carus Mansion.
Their six children grew up in the Mansion.
Carus Children
Edward Hegeler Carus 1890-1975

Gustav Kruger Carus 1892-1960

Laura Camilla Paula Holler Carus (Paula) 1894-1954

Marie Elizabeth Weisbach Carus 1897-1991

Hermann Dietrich Carus 1899-1993

Alwin Clemens Carus
November 20, 1901-November 9, 2004

Alwin was the last family member to reside in the Hegeler Carus Mansion.

Alwin lived in the Mansion when the Hegeler Carus Foundation to preserve the house was formed.  He was a tremendous resource to the Foundation.  He had an excellent memory and told us many stories of the house and of his family.  He would often come downstairs and talk to guests who were touring his home and is fondly remembered by all who knew him.