Stories from the Big House

09 November 2011

Alwin Carus

Most of the Stories from the Big House center around the Hegeler and Carus Families or the Mansion itself.

Alwin Carus

Today, we'd like to introduce our readers to Alwin Carus. 

Alwin was the last family member to live in the Hegeler Carus Mansion.  He is also the person to live in the mansion for the longest period of time.

Alwin was the youngest child of Mary Hegeler Carus and Paul Carus.  He was born in the Mansion on November 20, 1901 and he passed away in the Mansion on November 8, 2004-Just 12 days shy of his 103rd birthday.

In 1995 the Hegeler Carus Foundation was formed and operated in the Mansion while Alwin lived upstairs.  He was a wealth of knowledge and information and helped to guide the Foundation in the early stages of the preservation and restoration of the Mansion. 

Alwin's memories of his grandparents, Edward and Camilla, who commissioned the construction of the Mansion as well as his memory of family stories help our docents to interperet the house for our guests to this day.

He was also a benefactor for many orgaizations locally and worldwide.

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