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01 December 2011

You are cordially invited

Edward and Camilla Hegeler
played by
Steve Seaborn and Maryhelen Bidasio
The year is 1899 and you are cordially invited to the home of Edward and Camilla Hegeler for our annual Christmas party.
This year's party promises to be great fun!

We have parlor games, music and a toast to the new century!

We have some wonderful guests visiting us this year from all over America and several friends are joining us from Germany!
Chad Brokaw as Paul Carus
Meridith Donohue as Mary Hegeler Carus
Our daughter Mary and her husband Dr. Paul Carus will co host this party with us this year.

Our guest list already includes:
Ida McKinley
Washington, DC
played by Carol Pratt

Karl Benz
of Ladenburg, Germany
Played by Dick Dorsch

Bertha Benz
of Ladenburg, Germany
Played by Kelly Klobucher
William LeBaron Jenney
of Chicago
played by Ken Ficek

Sarah Winchester
of San Jose, CA
played by Sandee Donahue
Lydia Moss Bradley
of Peoria, IL
play by Helga Interrante
Louis Comfort Tiffany
of New York
Played by John Graham

Frances Hodgeson Burnett
of Long Island New York
played by Sue Graham

Charles Gunther
of Chicago
Played by John Byrne
Madame Curie
of France
Played by Kimberly Maack

A few tickets remain for Thursday 1 December, Friday 2 December, Sunday 3 December.  Call Heather at (815) 224-5895 to reserve your space.  Tickets will not be available at the door.

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